Omcan KS-CN-0100

Kebab Slicer / Cutter

Omcan KS-CN-0100 – Kebab Slicer / Cutter

This Kebab cutter or (donair knife) can give you tasty, well-prepared, and consistent slices in a matter of seconds!
A 304 Stainless steel blade holder, 2 plates and 1 sharpener stone
Body consists of engineered plastic fibre nylon
Comes with adjustment ring and screw for desired thickness
Sturdy and abrasion resistant
Equipped with blade protector and overload protection button.





Kebab Slicer / Cutter



UNEFORM M7 is the only Shawarma or Gyros knife in the world with a unique slice thickness adjuster. The slice thickness can instantly be adjusted, by turning the adjustment sleeve, without the use of any ancillary tools.

The hygienic head section and handle can easily be dismantled, to enable effective cleansing of the appliance.