Gas Shawarma, Gyros

Petros Gas Shawarma Gyros Doner-kabab Machines are manufactured and designed to cook meat on a vertical skewer, known as a spit. Chefs can simply place uncooked meat onto the Spinning spit of the shawarma, gyro, doner broiler, which features burners on the back to cook beef, lamb, or other meats. Once the meat has reached food-safe temperatures, the shawarma machine can then hold it, keeping it warm until it is ready to be served. While the food is held, operators can start carving the meat off of the vertical spit for their sandwiches or dishes.

Petros Commercial Gas Shawarma Gyros Doner-kabab Machines are available in natural gas 4 Sizes. Gas gyro machines require a 120-volt connection to power the unit. Though gas gyro meat cookers are heated by natural gas, they require a 120-volt power for the rotating spit. Whether you’re looking to cook shawarma in a commercial kitchen or gyros in a food truck, there is a vertical broiler with a meat capacity to fit your Business volume.

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