Professional Shawarma, Gyros or Doner Machines

Our company, with many years of presence in the field of design and manufacture of professional Shawarma, Gyro, Doner equipment, holds an important position in the North American market. Our extensive experience in the field promises to meet the requirements of both our partners and the end user.

Professional Vertical Broilers

Petros gyros machines are considered to be amongst the top choices of fast food restaurants for shawarma, gyros, or doner rotisseries. This is how they give their own business the advantages they need so as to offer their customers quick and high quality results on their product.

Gas Vertical Broilers

Gas Vapor Water Grills

Gas and water grills with Stainless steel burners and grills. It works with LPG or Natural gas. It Cooks in the whole surface while retaining its juices and the flavor of the meat. It also have a drawer with water to avoid smoke and uncontrolled flame. Gas grills with water in the drawer and stainless steel burners and grills, for every size of professional kitchen. Suitable for meat, fish, vegetables etc.

Flavor And Juicy Cooking
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